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Day 1: Microsoft Keynote recap


When it comes to determining the fundamentals of partner-to-customer success, there can be a lot of questions left up in the air. Cecilia Flombaum, Business Applications Lead at Microsoft, was able to deliver the answers everyone is looking for during this year’s #eXtreme365 Europe Microsoft Keynote.

According to Microsoft, here are the three fundamentals you need as a Partner for your pathway to success:

  1. Leverage collective strengths

Digital Transformation remains to be a hot topic within organisations across multiple industries. By using data, data intelligence, and taking action to improve business outcomes, you can take this first step down the pathway of success.

  1. Build capacity with the RIGHT capabilities

When you combine your skills that continually change based on real-life lessons, skills that demonstrate value and adapt to your customer’s individual digital transformation journey, and skills that delights customers fast and create lasting relationships, you will consistently prove to your customers that you are on the right path.

  1. Secure consistent customer success

The final step you can take towards success is through securing consistent CUSTOMER success. You can do this by showing value through packaged solutions, ensuring customer’s ongoing investment on solution success, and delivering the real and tangible business value you promised them.


There are still many opportunities at #eXtreme365 this week to have 1:1 conversations with key Microsoft team members to understand where Microsoft is going with their strategy and how to best leverage them to achieve your business objectives.